1. Quality music.

As a label, we reiceve an high amount of demos every day, so please, feel free to submit something from you that you consider your best work or, at least, a good work. It doesn't matter if the tune is mastered or not, but we're searching FIRST for quality music. We accept everything that is bass music related (Dubstep, Drum 'n Bass, Glitch Hop, Trap, etc)


2. Platform and tune's format.

Please, send us tunes using soundcloud. Make sure that the tune is private, downloadable and in mp3 320kbps.


3. Time of waiting.

We usually reply in 24-48h, we reply also if we don't like the tune, giving some feedbacks and opinions to make it sounds better. Please, be patient, we'll dedicate you some time for sure, but we need to check all the content we reiceve..


4. *important* WHAT COULD YOU SUBMIT?

Submit JUST original material, we don't accept remixes, bootlegs, mashups or things like that. This is a ridicoulos thing to say, but, believe us, there are people that submit also their dog (if they can).



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